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About the Pixelstar Project :

Conversation with Trees – My Tree Story

Pixel Star is an artist’s online store showing the latest art project. [conversation with trees] explores the personal human experience and expresses it through the relationship with the trees in the artist’s life.

Its a Journey:
The body of work, 100 canvases, have each gone through a process which uses the various creative skills of the artist. ie.

The tree was noticed by the artist, experiencing it in reality,
Tree was photographed captured in a memorable scene.
The tree is illustrated and digitally reduced to its essence in black and white,
Then using design skills and love of colour, the tree’s colour scheme is chosen,
Finally the tree is painted into an artwork on canvas made with brush strokes of oil paint.

After the tree is complete its put up for sale on the website shop for anyone to buy and enjoy.
The trees journey after that sale is unknown to the artist – and continues in imagination.

Each artwork has a QR code so that maybe the owner of the tree painting can reconnect, review and share the experience they have had with their tree.

In Progress...

Conversations with Tree on Instagram documents the process of creating the artworks. 18/100 Tress are almost complete.

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HeartVeld was a socially interactive campaign to promote love. Have you found a heart? Return it here.

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